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MedRad Smart System

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Mr. Biomed Tech is the one-stop-shop that serves you in every possible way to diagnose and repair the calibration and malfunctioning of your equipment, either it happened suddenly or maybe building over time. Our mission is to be the leading provider of cost-effective and friendly Biomed services to the healthcare industry. Whatever the service or equipment you need, Mr. Biomed's tech services is on standby mode to facilitate you around the clock.

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Medrad smart system

You have more than you may think. When you work with

PT Medical Technologies, we use multiple data resources to evaluate your equipment and develop the best disposition plan for each asset or all assets at once.
We can assist those health care facilities with every phase of the equipment's life cycle: auctioning surplus equipment for fair market value, hospital and other medical facility closures and consolidations, inventory services, equipment appraisal services, and assisting facilities in managing the reallocation of equipment within their hospital or health system.Ultimately 'a better experience which leads to a happier and stress free you experience.

MedRad Medical services

Mr. Biomed tech services, for its exceptional

and transparent biotech services, is a leading company in Dallas for its Disposition Services for retired medical equipment. Buying when it comes to our equipment — we erase all your worries. Our highly trained and certified biomedical technicians thoroughly test each unit to meet our Five-Point Inspection Guarantee, pass all manufacturer guidelines, and satisfy FDA safety certifications before shipping to you with a money-back guarantee.
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Disposition services

Not every piece of retired equipment pays

off, but when you work with Mr. Biomed tech services, we take pride when you have more than you may think. Our system is based on crystal clear transparency to ensure a fair deal to develop the best deal. We use multiple data resources to ensure a fair deal to evaluate your equipment and design a win-win disposition plan. We have both plans; either you want a plan for each asset or all assets at once.
We aim to build a long-term relationship with you regarding the best medical technology services. You can contact us (hyper-linked the bold text with the company domain) 24/7 for complete biotech equipment services. Our reputation is based on integrity, honesty, and reliability for selling new medical equipment, pre-owned medical equipment, and disposition services.

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